• The Heart

  • Sections

  • Fish

  • Vegetables

  • Meat

  • Preparatory

  • Central islands

    The centre and heart of the project, the zone for guests is a combination of the dreams and hopes that the Torres Brothers had for the restaurant. An open, educational and cultural kitchen, where the client is the protagonist of his/her own experience. An intimate moment between the chef and the guest, where the interaction and exchange of knowledge between both are essential ingredients for a complete experience.

  • Cooking Sections

    The area protected by the old roofing of the industrial building is divided into different sections.

    • Cold room section.
    • Meat and poultry section.
    • Fish and seafood section.

    These are the functional and preparation areas that make up the preparation chain that ends in the dish. The dish is language, and essentially, it is a means of communication between the chef and the guest, in the same way, that a piece of art or literature is a means of interaction between the artist and the viewer, or the author and the reader.


  • Fish and seafood

  • Cold room and vegetables

  • Meats and birds

  • Preparatory kitchen

    Room for the preparation of stocks and for quartering.

The space

  • Wine Cellar

    A place for conversations.
    A comfortable, quiet and pleasant setting before crossing the threshold into the restaurant. The ideal place to have a drink or a cocktail prepared by our barman, and for guests, friends and relatives to get together before and after the gastronomic experience proposed by the Torres Brothers. Under the old roofing of the industrial building that unites the different spaces in the restaurant, the bar is located between the interior side of the façade and the wine tasting and cellar area. You can also wrap up your experience by having a coffee in the bar on your way out.

  • Patisserie

    The patisserie has its own space in the restaurant, a glazed bakery which looks out onto the main room and is equipped to be able to cover 100% of the sweet, bread, chocolate and dessert service.

  • Education Room

    A room that can host up to 20 people seated at screens for presentations, and equipped with a kitchen for live show-cooking.

  • Private room

    The private room can host 12 guests. It has its own toilet and cloakroom facilities and direct access to the street, passing by the sections, in such a way that guests do not have to walk through the restaurant if they do not want to. It connects with the R&D room, and consequently the service in the private room can be provided by the general cuisine or the private cooking of the R+D. It is glazed and looks out onto the main room and central kitchens and has a curtain to protect guests’ privacy from the outside without hindering their view outside from the inside.

  • R+D

    It is a glazed room for techniques and tests, looking out onto the main room.

  • Bar / Coffee Area

    A place for conversations.

    A space connected to the main room and exclusively designed for preparing herbal infusions, tea and coffee.

  • Bar / Coffee Area

    A comfortable, quiet and pleasant setting before crossing the threshold into the restaurant.

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  • Internship in the Cocina Hermanos Torres

    It is a restaurant without borders where the kitchen mixes with the restaurant, the world of wines, cocktails and patisserie; all orchestrated by notable professionals who will teach you how to perform outstandingly well in haute cuisine.

    The restaurant and research centre provide:

    • Restaurant service and restauration training.
    • Cookery training in starters, fish and meat dishes, baking and desserts.

    It also provides sommelier and cocktail training.

    See Internship


  • 1986

    Sergio Torres

    • Reno, Barcelona restaurant (*Michelin) 1986/1988
    • Neichel, Barcelona restaurant (**) 1988/1991
    • Akelarre, San Sebastián restaurant (***) 1992/1994
    • Le Jardin des Sens, Montpellier restaurant (**) 1994/1996
    • Alain Ducasse, Paris restaurant (***) 1996/1998
    • Plaza Atenée, Paris restaurant (**) 1998/1999
  • 1986

    Javier Torres

    • Girasol de Moraira · Alicante (**) 1986/1989
    • Neichel, Barcelona restaurant (**) 1989/1990
    • Reno, Barcelona restaurant (*Michelin) 1990/1992
    • Racó de Can Fabes,  San Celoni restaurant · Barcelona (**) 1992/1995
    • Philippe Rochat (before Fredy Giradet de Crissier · Suiza restaurant (**) 1995/1999
    • Racó de Can Fabes, San Celoni restaurant · Barcelona (***) 1999/2005 as chief cook.
  • 2002



    Partners-Chef de El Rodat, Jávea restaurant – Alicante
    (Small Luxury Hotels of the World).




    Hermanos Torres invented a vacuum cooking machine called Gastrovac, in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Valencia – Spain. Currently, this machine is sold in 80 countries of the world and it is used by the most prestigious chefs.

  • 2006

    Silversea Cruises

    Silversea Cruises Company on its cruises around the world invites Hermanos Torres to advise the service kitchen during their stay on board. On these trips, they did live show-cooking for the passengers and they made a gastronomic menu proposal that they varied every night.

  • 2007

    Eñe Restaurant


    Inauguration of the Eñe Restaurant in Sao Paulo. Publication of the book Brasiladois, awarded in that year as one of the three best cookbooks in the world by Gourmand World CookBook.


    Inauguration of the Eñe Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro.

  • 2008

    Dos Cielos

    Inauguration of the Dos Cielos Restaurant in Barcelona (**Michelin).

  • 2010


    Publication of Immigrants book.



    Sensography is a technique that allows you to represent the experience of eating a dish. Memories, flavours, textures, sensations and emotions.


    Preparation of on-board menus for the airline TAM.


  • 2011

    DOS Hermanos Torres

    Inauguration of the DOS Hermanos Torres Restaurant in Hotel Meliá Sky Barcelona with an informal gastronomic proposal.

  • 2013



    TV program called Cocinados by TVE1.



    Menu elaboration on board for Renfe long distance.

  • 2015

    Torres en la Cocina

    TV program called Torres en la Cocina TVE1.

    Publication of the book De la Tierra al Cielo.

  • 2016

    Dos Cielos Madrid

    Inauguration of Dos Cielos restaurant in Madrid.

    Publication of the book Torres en la Cocina.

  • 2018

    Cocina Hermanos Torres Restaurant


    Publication of the second book Torres en la Cocina.



    Publication of the third book Torres en la Cocina.

    Publication of the book El Plátano de Canarias.

    The opening of Cocina Hermanos Torres Restaurant.

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